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Biking Routes

You'd like to explore Innsbruck and its surrounding regions on a bicycle? That's a wonderful idea, it will bring you unsurpassed fun and enjoyment. Regardless whether you ride through the city streets or up the mountainsides, I-Bike has a suitable bike for you, together with a wide array of biking tips for the whole family.


For your personal safety, please wear a helmet and heed the rules and regulations of the traffic laws. Comprehensive route descriptions in printed form are available free of charge at our shop.


With our associate Inntour sport & touristic services, you can also be professionally guided on your own individual biking tour.


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Route 1


From Innsbruck to historic Hall

Pure enjoyment for the whole family.
The Arch of Triumph is our general point of departure. Head down the main shopping mile, Maria-Theresien-Strasse, and over to the Rennweg, with the Imperial Palace on your left, the State Theater on your right. Pedal through the district of residential villas, Saggen, past the grand homes of times past, on the biking path along the banks of the Sill down to the Inn and along the Inn River bike route to Hall. This historic city entices you to stroll through and linger on the ancient lanes, the old Mint Tower beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the epoch of ancient money and the first coin stamping. Return along the same route.

Route 2


The Leisure Tour

A perfect excursion for the entire family, particularly for kids. This roundabout path is highly pleasant and memorable, supplying pure enjoyment biking and diverse leisure activity possibilities. Along the route there are lots of playgrounds and artificial rocks to scramble and "boulder" on. At the end of the route is the artificial lake ("Baggersee"), a popular swimming hole among locals.  So: pack your swim trunks. Head down the main shopping mile, Maria-Theresien-Strasse, and over to the Rennweg, with the Imperial Palace on your left, the State Theater on your right. Pedal through the district of residential villas, Saggen, to the Sill, then to the Inn River and to the lake.

Route 3


To the Knights at Castle Ambras

Start on the Maria-Theresien-Strasse, at the end of which you turn right into the Museum Str. Pass the Sillpark shopping mall and head over the Sill Bridge, along the Sill River to the Olympia World Innsbruck, the sporting facilities with football stadium, ice skating hall and light athletics areas. Castle Ambras, your destination, is already visible. At km 4.1, head up the steep Tummelplatzweg. If your leg muscles are good, simply pedal; otherwise, push your bike. Soon you reach the entrance portal to the castle. The alternative: bike to the eastern portal and then go on foot up the gentle slope through the splendid park to the castle entrance. The castle numbers among the most important sights in Tyrol, containing an Armoury and Weapons Chamber, the Spanish Salon, the Renaissance Art and Wonders Cabinet and the large Portrait Gallery of the Habsburg rulers.

  • Length: 10 kilometers
  • Grade of difficulty: easy, final ascent is difficult
  • Surface: mostly bike paths
  • Route 3 (pdf 2,9 MB)

Route 4


City Tour

Enjoy a stimulating tour of Innsbruck on your I-bike, including the most fascinating city sights. The Arch of Triumph, the St. Anne's Column, Maria Theresien Strasse with its charming Baroque town architecture and endless shopping opportunities. The historic old city with the Golden Roof, the Cathedral, the City Tower, the Imperial Church, the Folk Art Museum, the Imperial Palace and Tyrol's State Theater. The urban villas of yesteryear in Saggen, the Quartier Chic, even up to Bergisel with its ski jump designed by star architect Zaha Hadid.

  • Length: 7 kilometers
  • Grade of difficulty: easy
  • Surface: mostly asphalted roads, biking path
  • Route 4 (pdf 3,1 MB)

Route 5


Above the roofs of the city

For all nature lovers. The ideal mountain bike tour for both beginners and advanced bikers.
This tour takes you on the "backyard" route of all Innsbruck mountain bikers. Head down the Maria-Theresien-Strasse to the Rennweg and along the Inn, to the Mühlau Bridge. Cross the bridge, go straight ahead up a gentle hillside through the village of Mühlau to the Innsbruck Shooting Range ("Schiessstand") and along the forest trail to the beautiful destination of this tour. Up there, at a good 1,070 meters altitude, the high alpine pasture known as Arzler Alm awaits you with its gorgeous sun-bathed terrace high above the roofs of the city. After a hearty snack to replenish your batteries, return along the same route to our point of departure. Be careful when riding downhill.


For pros, an extension of this tour to the following destinations is recommended:
Höttinger Alm (1,487 m) and Bodensteiner Alm (1,661 m).

  • Length: 17 kilometers
  • Altitude difference: 500 meters
  • Grade of difficulty: easy & medium
  • Surface: bike path, forest trail, gravel route
  • Route 5 (pdf 2,6 MB)

Route 6


The southern hills - in the slipstream of the train

On tram line no. 6 of Innsbruck's public transportation, the route heads up to Igls - you take your bike onto the tram with you, of course. Before that, depart from the city on Maria-Theresien-Strasse, down Museumstrasse, then along the Sill to the Line No. 6 tram station. Check in your bike and off you go up into the hills south of the city. From the tram's end station, a splendid biking tour starts, wending its way over forest trails and lush green meadows, past romantic ponds, typical Tyrolean farmhouses and ancient stopover spots. Back down in the valley, we bike past the artificial lake ("Baggersee") and careen along the Inn towards the city and back to our point of departure.

  • Length: 24 kilometers
  • Grade of difficulty: easy
  • Surface: mostly biking paths, forest trails
  • Route 6 (pdf 5,4 MB)

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